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ASTR 1 - Exploration of the Solar System: Getting Started

Spring 2013 ~ Prof. Brian Chaboyer

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General Tips to Get Started

Types of Questions

We asked you to post one or two questions, or describe a challenge you encountered while doing preliminary research for your essay. These can relate to accessing the library resources, finding a credible source, organizing the information you find, etc.

Your questions fell into the following categories:

Mission-specific Research 21 33%
Credibility 11 17%
Paper Logistics 10 16%
Too much info! 6 9%
Relevance and Timeliness 5 8%
Citation 3 5%
Jargon 3 5%
Not enough info! 3 5%
Library Logistics 2 3%

This page will address some of these questions.

Research Consultations

Lora Leligdon
Kresge Physical Sciences Library, #308
3rd Floor Fairchild Hall

On Reserve