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Acquisitions Update - May 2014

     Acquisitions Update
                    September 12, 2014
Stewardship Program – FY14 Endowment Purchases
Each September, the Library sends letters to donors and their families thanking them for their ongoing and generous support.   Acquisitions prepares title lists for each endowment  and Selectors then choose a few titles from each list to illustrate the types of purchases made possible through the endowment.
Lists are being sent to Selectors today.   Please note that  this is a collective effort, so some of you may also receive a list that is outside your general area of responsibility.  We ask that you please write a paragraph for these endowments as well.   If you have any questions, please contact Eliz Kirk or Judy Maynes.
Please send completed paragraphs directly to Lavinia Lasko in the Main Office by October 1st.
Five College Library Depository Affiliate Library Program
Dartmouth Library joined as an Affiliate Member in July 2014.   The print archive depository retains a single copy of the print back files of the following journals:

1.       ACS Legacy Archives
2.       American Physical Society
3.       APA Journals
4.       Institute of Physics
5.       JSTOR
6.       Project Muse    

Acquisitions Updates Archive:
Access Problems:
Alumni Memorial Books Program (AMBF):
General Inquiries:
Gift Books:
RUSH Orders:
Have a questions or feedback? Please stop in or email:
Judy Maynes | Head of Acquisitions Services
6025 Baker-Berry Library |Dartmouth College | Hanover, NH 03755
Email: | Phone: 603-646-2574

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Key Deadlines & Dates

Dates and Deadlines


  • Serials Lists distributed to selectors for FY14 cancellation and transition decisions

July 1st


  • Collections budget assignments

August 1st

September 1st

  • Bibliographers Annual Reports due

Review File Request

For review file requests, send email to: COLLECTION-ANALYSIS-TEAM@LISTSERV.DARTMOUTH.EDU

Please see our web page for information on requesting review files from Acquisitions Services: