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Dartmouth College Library
Dartmouth College Library Research Guides

CoCo 12: Reading Artifacts: The Material Culture of Science: Home

Wi14 ~ Prof. Richard Kremer ~ Jane Quigley, Kresge Library


This guide is meant to help you locate and explore information resources that will be useful to you as you research your topics.  Feel free to ask for research help, or to send us questions, comments or suggestions!

Reference Librarians

  • Jane Quigley, Kresge Physical Sciences Librarian   email Jane
  • Francis Oscadal, History Librarian  email Fran
  • Barbara DeFelice, Digital Resources Librarian  email Barbara

The Library at a Glance

The Dartmouth College Library is ...

  • Eight campus libraries and an off-site storage facility
  • Your gateway to 2.7 million books, 35,000 digital resources (such as indexes, databases, and journals), 20,000 print and digital journal titles, 12,000 videos, 190,000 maps, 35,000 sound recordings, and 450,000 photographs
  • Over thirty subject specialist librarians who can help you with your research


Jane Quigley
Kresge Physical Sciences Library

3rd floor Fairchild Hall

Dartmouth College

Hanover, NH 03755

tel. (603) 646-3564