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Library and Information Technology Support for Faculty: Arts & Humanities

These teams assist faculty with teaching, research and technology within the Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, and Sciences. Unsure who to contact? We can help:

Library and Information Technology support for the Arts and Humanities

 Jill Baron
Romance Languages & Literature, 
Latin American Studies Librarian
Baker-Berry Library
603-646-2833  email

Nikki Boots
Instructional Designer
Berry 179
603-646-8756 email

Laura Braunstein
English Language & Literature Librarian
Writing & Rhetoric, Theatre & Comparative Literature
Baker-Berry Library
603-646-2669  email

Barbara DeFelice
Director, Digital Resources and Scholarly Communications Programs
Environmental Studies Librarian
Baker-Berry Library
603-646-3565  email

John DeSantis
Russian Language & Literature Librarian
Cataloging & Metadata Services
Baker-Berry Library
603-646-0413  email

Andrew Faunce 
Assistant Director, Classroom Technology Services
37 Dewey Field Road, 005
603-646-3614  email

Patricia Fisken
Music Librarian
Head of Paddock Music Library
Hopkins Center
603-646-3120  email

William Fontaine
Philosophy, Religion & Jewish Studies Librarian
Baker-Berry Library
603-646-0788  email

Adrienne Gauthier
Instructional Designer
Berry 179
603-646-1367 email

Laura Graveline
Visual Arts Librarian
Sherman Art Library
603-646-3831  email

Lucinda Hall
Film & Media Studies Librarian
Evans Map Room, Baker-Berry Library
603-646-0962  email

Prudence Merton
Associate Director for Faculty Programs and Assessment
Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning
181 Berry
603-646-3187  email

Susan Schwarz
Resarch Computing & Digital Humanities
37 Dewey Field Road, 422
603-646-1458  email

Susan Simon
Media Learning Technologist
Jones Media Center
603-646-0629  email

Reinhart Sonnenburg
German, Classics & Linguistics Librarian
Baker-Berry Library
603-646-0793  email

Morgan Swan
Special Collections Education & Outreach Librarian
Rauner Special Collections Library
603-646-3189 email

Sarah Tischer Scully
Media Services Librarian
Jones Media Center
603-646-0915  email

Amy Witzel
Librarian for Anthropology, Sociology, Education,
Native American Studies, Women & Gender Studies,
African & African-American Studies
Baker-Berry Library
603-646-0790  email

Robien Wymans
Academic Consultant
Bartlett Hall 201
603-646-8180 email

Nien Lin Xie
East Asian Studies Librarian
Baker-Berry Library
603-646-2568  email

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