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Current Journal Club Session

Journal Club: Screencasting
Thursday April 7, 2011

12-1 pm in Berry 183

Come discuss the article "Learning for All: Teaching Students, Faculty and Staff with Screencasting". This readable article includes both a literature review of screencasting by libraries and practical advice for screencasting based on the expericence of an instruction, systems and technical services librarian.

Brown-Sica, M., K. Sobel, and D. Pan. "Learning for all: Teaching Students, Faculty, and Staff with Screencasting." Public Services Quarterly 5.2 (2009): 81-97.

Conference Proposals

Journal Club: Conference Proposals
Thursday March 3, noon- 1pm in Berry 183

Join us for a unique journal club, in which our DCL colleagues' successful conference presentation proposals will be our reading material. We will read several proposals (and the related calls for papers from the conferences) and talk about elements of successful proposals. If time allows, we can workshop proposals that you might be preparing.

Tips on Writing Conference Proposals:

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