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MATH 7 - Mathematical Puzzles: Home

Spring 2013 ~ Prof Peter Winkler

About this Guide

Looking for a topic?

Start with reading background information in the area you're interested in. Then do some preliminary searches in the article indexes and the library catalog.

Looking for articles?

Try searching some of the article indexes/databases or Summon (see the Key Resources box).

Looking for books?

Try doing a keyword or subject search in the library catalog. Look for the tips in the Digging Deeper tab.

Guide Index

Cook Collection

Quick Help

  • Search Techniques
    Try using quotation marks to search for a specific phrase. Use * to truncate a word so that you can search all variations of the root. Use "and" and "or" to control your results (don't forget that you can make use of parentheses here!). See the Digging Deeper tab for specific tips.
  • Broad vs Narrow Search Terms
    Depends on what database you are searching. If you are in the library catalog, you may want to broaden your search because books are not cataloged in full text. If you are searching a full-text database, then definitely get as narrow as you can think of!
  • How to Read a Call Number
    See this quick guide on how to read a call number!
  • How to Find a Book in Baker Berry Library
    Watch this video that walks you through finding a book in Baker Berry Library.

Key Resources

Research Consultations

Katie Harding
Kresge Physical Sciences Library, #309
3rd floor Fairchild Hall

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