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EARS 8 ~ Spring '11 ~ Prof. Gary Johnson
Jane Quigley, Kresge Library

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Books of Interest

Questions You Asked ...

  • How do you cite a DartDoc article?  (answer)
  • Is there any way of knowing how good a book is before you take it out?   Is there a review system built in to the Dartmouth Library catalog? (answer)
  • Borrowing books from other Ivy League libraries (answer)
  • Can you get to articles and databases like Web of Science from off-campus? (answer)
  • Why aren't book chapters searchable in the Library catalog? (answer)
  • What access do students have to graduate school database systems? (answer)
  • Can you have books from libraries on campus delivered to Baker-Berry? (answer)
  • What kinds of resources are quality resources for earth science   and   I don't know much about finding information in the Library (answer)


This guide is meant to help you locate and explore information resources that will be useful to you as you research your seminar topics. Feel free to ask for research help, or to send us questions, comments or suggestions!

Kresge Physical Sciences Library

Noah Lowenstein, Physical Sciences Librarian ~ 646-9958 ~ email Noah
Ann Perbohner, Physical Sciences Librarian ~ 646-3845 ~ email Ann
Jane Quigley, Physical Sciences Librarian ~ 646-3564 ~ email Jane

Need Help? Ask Us!

Librarians are available to help guide you no matter what you're looking for:

  • Email us to ask a question or get more information.
  • Phone a reference librarian.
  • For help from another student, visit RWIT, the Student Center for Research, Writing, and Information Technology.

The Library at a Glance

The Dartmouth College Library is ...

  • Eight campus libraries and an off-site storage facility
  • Your gateway to 2.7 million books, 35,000 digital resources (such as indexes, databases, and journals), 20,000 print and digital journal titles, 12,000 videos, 190,000 maps, 35,000 sound recordings, and 450,000 photographs
  • Over thirty subject specialist librarians who can help you with your research

Kresge Librarians

Kresge Reference Librarians

Contact Info:

Kresge Physical Sciences Library
3rd floor Fairchild Hall
Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH 03755

tel. (603) 646-3563
Email Kresge Library

Librarians: (above, left to right)

Noah Lowenstein (email)
Ann Perbohner (email)
Jane Quigley (email)


Kresge Library Website


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