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Leganto - Course Reserves

Library Reserves/Guides List

The Title of every list is the course code. As this is automatically generated, please do not edit the title.

You may add a list Description by clicking on the three dots to the right of the Title.

There is a pre-populated section, Library Research Guide(s). Content includes the research guides related to the subject of the course.

Create a new section where you will add course readings. You may name the section as you wish, i.e. Resources.
You may add additional sections as well.

Sections are a way to organize the items in your list.
Assignment date (Week 1, Week 2, etc.) or importance of the readings (Required, Recommended, Additional) are possible section structures.

A section may also be given a different visibility based on dates.

Adding Dartmouth Library Materials

Add Dartmouth Library content to the list for your students by finding it in Dartmouth Library Search and adding it to your course list.

Recommended: have BOTH the Library Reserves/Guides page and Dartmouth Library Search open on separate tabs so it is easy to move between the two pages.

Go to the Library Search page and Login in the upper right hand corner. Search for materials you would like to add to the list. Click on the item from the search results. Then choose the Library Reserves icon under Send to.

Toggle either Collection or Library Reserve.

If Library Reserve is selected, choose a course from the dropdown.

Next choose the Section of the selected list.

Complete the request by clicking ADD TO LIBRARY RESERVES.

The material is now on the list for that course under that section. See the populated list in the Library Reserves/Guides page.
Tip: Not seeing the just added item? Refresh the browser.

Materials may also be added to the list is directly within Library Reserves/Guides page.

Recommended: This search function is less robust than the main library search found at  Recommended use is when you know exactly what you are looking for and you already know the library owns it.

First, click Add Items + and then use the search feature, Library Search, that appears on the right pane.

Once you locate a desired item, click-and-drag the item from the search area on the right into the central area to add it to the list or click on the desired item and use the blue Add button. Add it to the appropriate section.

Video media requests are not included in these workflows and should be requested using the form on the  Jones Media Center webpage.

Manually Adding Material

There may be material that the Dartmouth Library does not own that you would like to add to the course reading list.

Manually add content by clicking on Add Items + and then choosing Blank Form and filling in as much information as you can about the material. Please use the Library Discussion pane to ask library staff to acquire the material for the course and specify the format, if relevant.

Adding Materials Using the Cite It! Tool

The Cite it! bookmarklet tool is way to add online items.

Find the Cite it! bookmarklet under your initials at the top right.

Click Cite it! and add to your browser as explained. The list of supported websites is available from the drop down menu.

Edit the populated form as needed.

For a video with a more in-depth explanation of the Cite it! tool click HERE

Requesting a scan

Want library staff to scan pages from a text?
Inform library staff of your Copyright determination for every scanning request.

  1. Add the item to the list as described above.
  2. To detail the specific readings needed, you need to be in Library Reserves/Guides interface. 
  3. Find the citation in the list and click the 3 dots at the right; select Edit Item.
  4. In the right pane, select Type: Book Chapter.   
  5. Fill in required fields: Chapter Title, Start page and End page
    • Fill in the required fields with the best information available; there needs to be content helpful to library staff in the required fields for the form to be saved. If there is no chapter title, type in the chapter number instead.
  6. Save.
  7. Copyright: Library staff cannot proceed unless this information is provided.
  8. Click on the item's title to open the record.
  9. Tell library staff of your copyright determination in Library Discussion.