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Leganto - Course Reserves



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Cite It! Bookmark

You must be logged in with your Dartmouth credentials to a Dartmouth page to use Cite It! You will be prompted to log in if you are not.

If after clicking the Cite It! bookmark icon no popup window appears, re-install Cite It!

Remove the bookmark and reinstall Cite It! from within the Library Reserve page.

A Cite It! popup is pictured below.


Contact us

Who do I contact for help with Library Course Reserves?

At the top of every Library Reserves/Guides page at the right is Library Discussion. Please submit any questions for library staff about your course here. Each item has a Library Discussion option at the right as well for questions or comments regarding that specific citation.


Is there a direct link to Leganto without going through Canvas or if I do not have an active course in Canvas?

Do I have to select every result that matches the title I want to place on reserve?

  • No. Library staff will make sure all formats and editions are placed on reserve for the requested title. If you only want a specific edition, translation, publisher, etc. please comment in the Library Discussion for the item.

What if I want only a certain edition to be placed on reserve?

  • If possible, select that specific search result to add to the list and comment in the Library Discussion for the item. If the library does not own the correct edition, find the correct edition online and use the Cite it! bookmark to add the item to the list or use the Blank form to enter in the information manually.

Do I have to use the Cite It! bookmark?

  • No. Cite It! is easier to use and captures the most relevant information for a specific citation. However, it is possible to manually enter information about the item into the Blank Form template.  

How do I put a Personal/department book on reserve?

  • Find the item using Cite it! or fill in a blank form. Use the citation's Library Discussion to note you have a copy to lend the library for the term.

How do I request multiple chapters scanned from the same book?

  • Select the book citation and edit it to Type: Book chapter. Do a separate request for each chapter.

How do I know when my list has been completed?

  • As library staff work on your list, you receive a daily email with updates of what has been done to the list.

May I  add something to my list after the deadline has passed? How far into the term may I add things?

  • The library accepts reserve requests throughout the term. You may add items to your reading list after the initial set of titles have been submitted.  The Library Review button re-activates from List Sent when new items are added.

I’m teaching a class next term that someone else taught last term.  Can I reuse (and update) their reading list?

The book order hasn’t arrived in time, can you scan selected readings “in good faith”?

  • Library staff may scan portions of the text while awaiting the arrival of the physical item. The scans will need to be removed once the hard copy arrives if the selections were determined to be Not Fair Use.

The e-book license doesn’t cover everyone. 

Your options for using eBooks will depend on the platform the ebook is available in. Some platforms will allow you to download or print specific chapters or sections, while some will let you download the whole book. Most will let you search within the eBook itself.

eBook publishers can apply different levels of access and usage restrictions which may affect the way you use them. Some of these restrictions include:

  • print, copy or download allowances
  • a limited number of users
  • borrowing periods

What do I do about resources which can't be located in Dartmouth Library Search?

  • Use the Cite It! feature for internet content. Edit the Cite It! form as needed.
  • Manually enter the item; use the Library Discussion pane to note a purchase is requested. Specify format desired, if relevant.
  • Contact your subject librarian with a purchase recommendation. 

Can I hide items on my list from the students?

  • Yes. Enter From (Start) and To (End) dates in the section title box and click the Section visible only during these dates checkbox. Individual citations may also be hidden.