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Map Librarianship & Collecting

This subject guide is for my own pleasure! And for any prospective Map Librarians out there.

Library catalog

Searching the Online Catalog

To find books and other resources about map collecting, use the subject search "early maps collectors and collecting." Particular titles are listed below. These books and other items are located on Baker Stack Level A or the Evans Map Room in Berry Library.

Relevant subject headings include:

Selected book titles

Price guides

This Price Record has all the map sales and offerings from map dealers. You can then compare what maps you have versus those being offered for sale or sold. These volumes allow you to evaluate the worth of your collection. These do not list every map. Only those sold or offered for sale. Earlier volumes were in print. The Price Record is now on CD-ROM. The CD-ROM contains the entire run for the Record.

Selected journal titles

Exploring Mercator's World continued the older titles of The Map Collector and Mercator's World. These were general interest magazines devoted to the history of cartography and writing about unusual or rare maps. These magazines contained scholarly articles, but anyone with an interest in maps can enjoy them. Unfortunately, Exploring Mercator's World ceased publication in 2003.