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Games & Gaming

This research guide looks at games of all types and formats and the culture of games and gaming.


Games + Playculture is a critical studies course exploring the historical considerations, anthropological and sociological importance of play and games.

This analytical course enables students to critically examine gaming through the study of the history of games, the role of narrative and language in games, game structures, interaction paradigms, rule-creation and theories of play.

Exploring the most ancient game examples to digital games, participants read, discuss, study and play games to explore the meaning in gaming elements within media arts, artistic practice, research and performance. This course offers a wide range of games for investigation, from children's games to absurd artists' games. Participants shall examine historical and contemporary artist's projects, as well as look at the game as a humanistic tool for abstraction, storytelling and activism.

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Because books in the course can be scattered througout the collection, the following are recommended search terms for finding relevant information and resources. With some of the subject headings below, you can add "design and construction" to see what we have. You can also do the same search in Worldcat.

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In Rauner Library's Collection

Peter Carini in the Rauner Special Collections Library has created an additional guide for this course. This guide will help you locate materials specifically for Games + Playculture that are in Rauner. Click here for more information.

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You can use a variety of indexes to find relevant articles. You can search them individually, use a multi-discipline index such as Academic Search Complete or use the SUMMON box below.


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Want an easy way to keep up with the journal literature in Gaming research? And you use a mobile device? You can install the BrowZine app and create a custom Bookshelf of your favorite journal titles. Then you will get the Table of Contents (ToCs) of your favorite journals automatically delivered to you when they become available. Once you have the ToC's, you can download and read the articles you want from the journals for which we have subscriptions.

You can get the app from the App Store or Google Play.

Don't own or use a mobile device? You can still use BrowZine! It's now available in a web version. You can get to it here. The web version works the same way as the app version. Find the journals you like, create a custom Bookshelf, get ToCs and read the articles you want.