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DartDoc includes interlibrary loan and document delivery services. It is Dartmouth College Library's system for requesting materials (books, articles, video recordings, etc.) for your research that are not available on campus, as well as document delivery of materials held by Dartmouth. DartDoc can be used by anyone with a Dartmouth Library account.


Though we understand that textbook prices are especially high, the library urges you to consider carefully before requesting required class textbooks via Interlibrary Loan. Why?

  • ILL is designed for short term borrowing and you would not be able to keep the book for the entire semester. The due dates are set by the lending library, not the Dartmouth Libraries, and renewals are not always allowed by the lending library.
  • Loaned books usually take between 4 days and 2 weeks to arrive, so you could already be behind in your classwork and reading by the time they arrive.
  • Few libraries purchase textbooks, and if they do, they typically reserve them for their students' use.
  • Even fewer libraries have the newest editions that are required for classes.

If you decide to request a textbook, we will attempt to borrow it for you. However, since these books are often difficult to obtain, your request might not be successfully filled. Also, please be aware that all requests for books currently on Reserve will be canceled, as the item is available on campus.

As an alternative, many sites offer discounted and used textbooks as well as textbook rentals. You can rent text books for extended periods of time, often longer than we can borrow them, even with one renewal. 

Here are some examples of the options available:

Learn More About DartDoc

This section of the guide provides information about who can use, and how to use DartDoc. Choose from the dropdown options on the DartDoc tab to learn more about our services.

What Can I Request? Outlines the types of materials patrons may request through DartDoc.

Managing Your Requests Provides information on how to create an account, place requests, retrieve requested materials, as well as how to renew and cancel requests.

Borrowing Libraries Includes our policies for other libraries who wish to borrow our materials and login links for libraries not using OCLC.

Finding Resources to Request Suggests posssible starting points for research, along with instructions on how to request DartDoc materials using those tools.

FAQs Includes common questions about using DartDoc's services.