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Environmental Studies Course Guides

This guide highlights specific library resources for the Environmental Studies courses taught within a specific term.

Course description for Environments and Politics in Southeast Asia

Over the past several decades, the people and environments of Southeast Asia have confronted a host of political, economic and cultural processes commonly grouped together under the heading "development". As witnessed by recent media reports detailing massive forest fires in Indonesia and dam controversies in Malaysia and Thailand, these development processes have resulted in drastic transformations in the landscapes, forests, and river systems of the region. These processes have likewise produced dramatic alterations in the livelihoods of the people who depend on and interact with the region's ecological systems.

[Source: Registrar, 12/15/2022]; Dist:INT or SOC; WCult:NW


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Resources for these topics are scattered throughout the DS's and H's in the library's collections. The following are useful subject headings to search the online catalog.

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Finding scholarly journal articles, journal titles and other news sources

Articles and other writings about Southeast Asia can be found in many publications. You can use a variety of indexes to find articles both scholarly and current news.