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Environmental Studies Course Guides

This guide highlights specific library resources for the Environmental Studies courses taught within a specific term.

Course description for Colonialism, Development and the Environment in Africa and Asia

This course examines the environmental history of Africa and Asia, focusing on the period of European colonialism and its aftermath. Topics include deforestation and desertification under colonial rule; imperialism and conservation; the consequences of environmental change for rural Africans and Asians; irrigation, big dams and transformations in water landscapes; the development of national parks and their impact on wildlife and humans; the environmentalism of the poor; urbanization and pollution; and global climate change in Africa and Asia.

[Source: Registrar, ENVS, 2021]


In the library's collections

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Introductory reading(s)

Selected book title(s)

Finding scholarly journal articles and titles

Articles and other writings about environmental conditions for Asia and Africa can be found in many publications. You can use a variety of indexes to find articles or the search box at the top of the page.