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Environmental Studies Course Guides

This guide highlights specific library resources for the Environmental Studies courses taught within a specific term.

Course description for Environmental Economics & Governance

This course explores how concepts from economics and political science can be integrated and applied to issues of environmental governance. Classroom activities and assignments are designed to foster critical thinking about 1) the tools used in environmental economics and 2) the interplay between economic and political forces in human-environment systems. Students will learn how concepts such as cost-benefit analysis, incentive-based regulation, and interest-based politics are applied to problems ranging from pollution reduction to international environmental negotiations.

[Source: Registrar, 12/15/2022]; SOC

In the library's collections

Here are some useful subject headings for searching the online catalog. Clicking on any of these headings will lead you to resources on that subject.

Introductory reading(s)

Selected book title(s)

Other library resource(s)

Finding scholary articles about environmental economics and governance

Our collection includes several journals which look at environmental economics and governance. I've listed a couple of journal titles which may be of interest. You have several options to find journal literature. You can use one of the article indexes listed below.