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Film Studies Course Guides

This guide highlights relevant library resources for the courses taught in the Film & Media Studies department.


This class surveys a variety of national cinemas and their artistic, social, political, and industrial contexts from the period of 1990 to the present. Focus will be on the mutual influences among cinemas during this period, international co-productions, and the ways in which specific national cinema contexts interface with globalized economies and distribution in post-colonial political environments. Some attention will be given to post- French New Wave art film movements, such as Denmark’s Dogme group; to the cross-over of east Asian cinemas, such as Hong Kong cinema, to the west; to East European and German cinema since the break-up of the Soviet Union; and to the appeal of Indian cinema to diasporic communities in North America.

[Registrar, 03/21/2017]

Please note: If you are looking at the history of cinema for a specific country, look at the National Cinemas guide also.

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