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Film Studies Course Guides

This guide highlights relevant library resources for the courses taught in the Film & Media Studies department.


With the emergence of filmmakers such as Alejandro Iñárritu (México), Lucrecia Martel (Argentina), and José Padilha (Brazil), the last decade has seen a creative boom in Latin American cinema that includes both blockbusters to experimental film. Beginning with a quick overview of key forerunners, this course will focus on the major directors, genres and aesthetic trends that characterize the present moment, as well the role film festivals (Havana Film Festival, Bafici/Buenos Aires) have played in promoting these films.

[Registrar, 03/19/2014]

Searching the online catalog

You can use the subject headings below to find resources in the online catalog. The call number ranges are also included.

    You can do the same subject search for other countries in Central and South America or the Caribbean using the same format, "motion pictures [country]."

    Please note: these are not the only call numbers, but they have the majority of items. These searches will also lead you to movie titles.

    Introductory reading(s)

    Selected book titles

    Finding journal articles

    Articles and other writings about Latin American film can be found in many publications. Our collection includes several journals which look exclusively at Latin American film. You can use Film & Television Literature Index to find articles.

    Selected movie titles

    Find more Latin American film titles in the online catalog.