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Games & Gaming

This research guide looks at games of all types and formats and the culture of games and gaming.


Media Design Laboratory: Game Design Studio is a practical course exploring how innovation games are created and what elements go into the design of a good play experience. Games, be they PC games, cell phone games, or locative games, prove to be a versatile platform for media designers. During the course, participants will explore the range of choices open to the game designer in theory—practice sessions and create a game per week. Students learn the process of making games while prototyping, playtesting and documenting original, innovative games.

Each week is divided into theory and practice sessions: In one course periodic, we discuss readings and ideas about the process; in the second session, we playtest and prototype actual games. Exercises include modification exercises, board games, card games and depending on student media experience, sound games or computer games.

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In the Library's collection

The call number ranges vary for video and computer game design. One area is the Baker/Berry Cook Collection on Berry Level 3. The call number range is QA 76.575 through QA 76.76. Another section is GV 1469.15 through GV 1469.7 located on Baker Stack Annex A.

Introductory reading(s)

Selected book titles

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Finding articles & journals

Articles and other writings about games and game theory can be found in many publications. Our collection includes several titles which looks exclusively at Games. You can use Film & Television Literature Index to find articles or use the search box at the top of the page.