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Residency Prep Journal Club

Interested in joining residency prep journal club? Find out more here!


Welcome to the Biomedical Libraries residency prep journal club! This guide is your resource for journal club logistics, finding articles, and finding additional journal club resources quickly. I'm looking forward to reading and appraising articles along with you! Please feel free to get in touch with me if you'd like to join or have suggestions for articles to discuss as a group. 

Journal clubs are an excellent way to stay on top of medical research, learn and sharpen critical appraisal skills, and get experience presenting cases. By participating in residency prep journal club, you'll get experience doing all of these things, and more!  

What is a journal club?

Journal clubs are an important part of residency training, with a long documented history in many residency programs. You can read more about the history of journal clubs, what to expect from journal club, and how to prepare in these articles and texts.