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Mathematics: Math Educ Testing

A guide to finding books, articles, news and other information about mathematics at the Dartmouth College Library

Eric - Education Resources information Center

A source for unpublished tests, scales, and measures relating to education.

There are two ways to search ERIC. By using the .GOV site, you'll have access to the full text of many ERIC documents (they're the ones with the "ED" accession numbers). However, if you want to import citations from ERIC into RefWorks or EndNote, CSA is a better option to choose.

Tests that are available from the ERIC Document Reproduction Service will supply an "ED" accession number. These documents are also available on microfiche in the Jones Media Center in Berry Library (Level 2). Take the "ED" number to the service desk in Jones and they will help you find the test.

In addition to searching for the name of a specific test, you can use the following subject headings in ERIC:

Broader Terms: Testing
Related Terms: Diagnostic Tests; Intelligence Tests; Personality Measures; Prognostic Tests
Used For: Mental Tests (1966-1980); Psychological Tests (1966-1980)


Print Resources

Tests in print VII : an index to tests, test reviews, and the literature on specific tests
Baker Berry Ref. Z5814.E9 T47 2006 (Catalog Record)

A convenient index to commercially available tests that are still in print. Also has a cumulative index to Mental Measurements Yearbook back to the 8th edition (1978).

Directory of unpublished experimental mental measures
Baker Berry Ref. BF431 .D5 v.1-9 (Catalog Record)
Dana Serial v.1- 1974-

This is a key resource when looking for unpublished tests that are not owned or marketed by commercial test companies.  Unpublished tests can often be found in journal articles, reports, dissertations, etc. As such, they can be used for research and non-commercial purposes without paying royalty fees. You are obligated to obtain permission from the test author if you plan to administer it. The final volume has a cumulative subject index.

Tests : a comprehensive reference for assessments in psychology, education, and business
Baker Berry Reference BF176 .T43 2008  (Catalog Record)

A convenient index of published commercial tests and descriptions.


 VIDEO: Searching PsycINFO's Tests & Measures Field via ProQuest

PsycINFO is useful for finding a specific test or scale in the academic literature. You can also use it to find studies that use a particular test or scale.

To find studies that use a particular test or scale, search for the name of the instrument using the Tests & Measures index, e.g., Computer Anxiety and Learning Measure

To find studies that include a copy of the test or scale, search for the name of the instrument in the Tests & Measures index followed by the word "appended."  For example: Beck Depression Inventory appended

To browse by test name, look below the search boxes in Advanced Search for "More Search Options."  If the additional options aren't displaying, click on the "Show" link. The Test and Measure box allows you to search or browse by test name.

Locating Tests