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HIST 96.25 World War II in the Pacific, 1931-1945

Key resources for research on the Pacific War and its imperial context.

Rethinking War in the Pacific

Your course explores the origins, nature, and consequences of World War II in the Pacific. And as that involved more than a U.S.-Japanese conflict, you will explore the different nations, political movements, ideologies, and empires that clashed across Asia-Pacific from 1931 to 1945. This research guide offers a selection of sources, most in English but others in Japanese, Chinese, Korean and other languages, to facilitate the research paper at the core of the class.

Scholarship: Leading Indexes

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Scholarship: Full-Text Journal Archives

Full-text archives put a wealth of scholarship at your fingertips, but they differ in scope and content and are incomplete. Any substantial literature review should also use disciplinary indexes like those linked above.

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Primary Sources: Digital Collections

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Primary Sources: Published Print Sources

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Primary Sources: Digitized Newspapers

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Primary Sources: Collections in North American and European Depositories

There are many ways to identify archives with sources suitable for your research project, but savvy researchers use novel tools to search across archives for relevant sources -- especially those in unexpected places.

Tools like ArchiveGrid, Archive Web, and Archives Portal Europe facilitate access to collections at hundreds and even thousands of different institutions. You may not find digitized content, but you will learn which institutions hold unique resources of interest.

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