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PHYS 75 - Introduction to Quantum Computation and Information

Prof. Chandrasekhar Ramanathan

Links to QC Sites

Quantum Computing Course @ Caltech (John Preskill)

Quantum Information Course @ UC Berkeley (Michael Crommie, Birgitta Whaley, and Umesh Vazirani)

QC Resources

Current Course Readings

These readings and videos are required for the SP15 course and are a great place to get started. 

Please see additional resources for suggested texts.

Scientific Review Papers

Although somewhat demanding, these articles provide important context for the experimental advances in quantum information theory and quantum computation.


Popular Articles

Popular Articles

More accessible articles, written for a broader public audience, but still useful in understanding concepts in, and the history of Quantum Computation and Information.

Physics World is IoP's (Institute of Physics, UK) well known physics magazine, covering all areas of physics and stories from the worlds of research, industry, and education.  Physics World is well read and well respected for it's communication of physics with all audiences.  The March 1998 issue of Physics World had a special focus (with five articles) on Quantum Information.  Those articles are:

--   Introduction to Special Issue, "Quantum Information" (p. 33)
--   A. Zeilinger, "Fundamentals of Quantum Information" (pp. 35-40)
--   W. Tittel, G. Ribordy & N. Gisin, "Quantum Cryptography" (pp. 41-45)
--   D. Deutsch & A. Ekert, "Quantum Computation" (pp. 47-52)
--   D DiVincenzo & B. Terhal, "Decoherence: the obstacle to quantum computation" (pp. 53-57)

More popular articles of interest

Charles H. Bennett (October 1995), "Quantum Information and Computation", Physics Today, vol. 48, no. 10, pp. 24-30. doi: 10.1063/1.881452

Martin Campbell-Kelly (September 2009), "Origin of Computing", Scientific American, v. 301, pp. 62-69.  doi: 10.1038/scientificamerican0909-62

Scott Aaronson (March 2008), "The Limits of Quantum Computers", Scientific American, v. 298, pp. 62-69.  doi:10.1038/scientificamerican0308-62

Gregory Chaitin (March 2006), "The Limits of Reason", Scientific American, v. 294, pp. 74-81.  doi: 10.1038/scientificamerican0306-74

The Quantum World section of the New Scientist website collects new articles and other information of interest.