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Scholarly Publishing & Communication: Article Publishing

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Choosing an Article Publisher: A Checklist

A What are Your Goals?  These might include: broad sharing, narrow dissemination to specialists, or whether the journal or conference proceeding title has an Impact Factor or other Scholarly Metric that matters to you.  This will help you THINK CHECK and then SUBMIT your work to your carefully chosen journal or THINK CHECK and then ATTEND the right conference. 
B. What is Your Subject Scope: specific, general or interdisciplinary?  Here are a few tips:
1. Use Ulrich's International Periodical Directory to search by subject or title, and gain insight into the publication.
2. Do a search on your topic in the index in which you want your work to be found, such as PubMed or the MLA Bibliography, and scan the journal and conference titles listed.  
3. For subjects covered in Web of Science, do your search and click on Analyze Results, then select Source Title to see the journals with the most citations matching your topic.  
C. What are the Publisher Practices and Policies?
1. Avoid publishers with questionable practices, which are often referred to as "predatory".
  • Look for the Information for authors.  Does the journal site present these clearly, including the costs to publish? Model
  • Is the publisher a member of the Committee on Publication Ethics and/or the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association and/or adheres to OASPA's Code of Conduct?  If open access, is the journal listed in DOAJ?
  • Does the peer or editorial review have the rigor you expect? Are members of the editorial board appropriate to the field, and are they actively engaged with the publication?  Search Retraction Watch  
  • Avoid publishers asking for journal articles or conference papers when the request is not a match to your work. 
  • Consult the DOAJ Best Practice Guide
  • Use the INASP Journals Online to locate journals and publishers that cover underserved areas in the global south
  • Consult INASP Journal Publishing Practices and Standards
2. Author Rights to share their work: Find summaries of polices on copyright, author rights, and funder mandates SHERPARoMEO
3. What is the publisher or journal policy regarding publishing supporting data, or linking to data repositories?
Consult the scholarly communication librarians or your subject librarian for further information about specific journals, publishers or publishing practices in various subject areas.