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Statistical Software: SAS Koujue

This guide contains resources to assist faculty, researchers, staff, and students in learning statistical software, such as R, Python, SAS, Stata, SPSS

Quick Tips

SAS is not case-sensitive.

Two types of comments: * I make a comment here; or /* I make a comment here */

Two basic components: the data step and the proc step.

The data step reads data into a SAS dataset.

The proc step analyzes the SAS dataset.

data begins a data step which manipulates datasets.

infile identifies an external raw data file to read.

input lists variable names in the input files

libname sets library or an engine to connect to Microsoft files.

set reads a SAS data set, or append.

proc contents are used to display contents of a data set.

proc print prints observations of variables in a data set.

proc means outputs descriptive statistics.

proc univariate outputs more descriptive statistics.

proc freq displays frequency tables, frequency charts, and crosstabs.

proc freq is also used for chi-square tests.

ods (Output delivery system) creates output in various formats.

proc sgplot produces many types of plots.

proc format creates formats.

label creates labels for variables.

rename changes the name of a variable in a data step.

if then executes a statement only if the condition is true.

merge merges files.

if and where are conditional statement for subsetting a dataset.

keep keeps named variables.

drop drops named variables.

proc sort sorts cases in a dataset.

proc ttest conducts t-tests, including one sample, two sample and paired.

proc reg conducts simple and multiple regression.

proc glm can be used for ANOVA models.

proc logistic conducts logistic regression.

proc npar1way conducts non-parametric analyses.





Web Resources

The Books of Treasures

SAS for True Beginner Series

How to Use SAS

SAS Statistical Graphics

SAS Enterprise Guide

SAS at Dartmouth

SAS  (Statistical analysis software) at Dartmouth is licensed annually and provided at no cost to individual users for use on desktops, and with cost sharing for server installations.  SAS is licensed only for academic use (teaching and research) by faculty, staff and students. Please read more details here.

SAS Workshops/Webinars

Dartmouth Area SAS Users Group (DASUG)


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