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Sustainability Studies

Guide to resources for research in Sustainability Studies, particularly the Sustainability Minor courses.

Introductory Readings

  • Readings in Sustainability, an annotated bibliography of over 90 key readings by Robert Keats, Center for International Development, Harvard University, 2010.  The books and articles are organized into specific subject areas under the broad headings of Sustainable Development, Sustainable Science and Technology, and Knowledge into Action.

These are linked from the earthsummit 2012 web site:

Defining Sustainability Science

Recent works defining "sustainabiity" and "sustainability science":

Evolution and structure of sustainability science    by Luis M.A. Bettencourt and J Kaur   PNAS 2011 vol. 108 pp 19540-19545 

Sustainability Science:  A room of its own  by William C. Clark  PNAS 2007 vol. 104 p. 1737 

Other views of the meaning of sustainability:
Systems Thinking Resources from the Donella Meadows Institute

The Global Citizen articles by Donella Meadows, co-author of Limits to Growth.

350.ORG  Begun by Bill McKibben of Middlebury College, takes its name from the safe upper limit of ppm of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere,  and is now a global environmental activism movement focused on climate change. 

GREENR: global reference on the environment, energy, and natural resources; see section on Sustainability