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EARS 7: Untold Stories in Geosciences

Background Information

Encyclopedias, dictionaries, and biographical guides are useful starting points when you need an overview and definitions of terms and concepts. These brief articles will help you get oriented and often provide a bibliography (list of citations) of important references.

Finding books on your topic

Dartmouth Library Catalog - Find books, atlases, encyclopedias, journals and other resources
Includes print & electronic items, ... maps, databases, DVDs, & much more.

By default, the LIbrary's search system finds ALL formats - articles, books, book chapters, dissertations, and more. To LIMIT just to books, choose "Library Catalog" from the Search dropdown box, or choose "Book" (and "Book Chapter") as a filter once your search is complete.

Find more search tips here.

Geoscience Ebooks and Book Series


Full-text ebooks and ejournals in the geosciences. Includes records from GeoRef, a vast database of geoscience information. Use the Advanced Search for best results; do NOT use symbols (ie * or :" ") in your search query.

Memoirs, Geological Society of America

Included among these volumes are books on historical topics (eg, Revising the Revisions: James Hutton’s Reputation among Geologists in the Late Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries).

GSA Decade of North American Geology

Published between 1982 and 2005, the Decade of North American Geology offers a comprehensive look at the geology of North America. Of particular note, the Centennial Special Volume within the series, Geologists and Ideas, spotlights events, ideas, and people across the history of North American geology as a whole.