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WRIT 5.23 - The Irish Short Story: Reimagining & Reinventing Ireland

This guide highlights resources to help students with this writing course.

Introduction to the Irish short story

This course is designed to allow students to engage in extensive writing exercises—both formal and creative—and participate in weekly discussions and critiques of published works and other forms of media, including contemporary Irish film. Our focus will be on reading stories with the eye of a writer, exploring the thematic concerns of the writer, the historical cultural context in which these works take shape, and how a work is constructed to further reveal and illuminate these concerns. We will also consider the elements of the story—including character, conflict, perspective, dialogue, setting, plot, language, and narrative structure—that come together to create a successful whole. Through numerous exercises students will practice not only how to write a precise, coherent, and rigorously engaging paper but also come to understand the alternative and strange ways in which authors of fiction approach their subject and craft. Along with classroom exercise, there will be presentations and ample demonstrations explaining close reading, academic writing, and analysis. In roundtable workshops students will have their own works considered and discussed by their peers and learn to develop a critical gaze regarding their own work and their rewriting process. Finally, students will meet with me individually after each essay submission to plan further drafts and revision strategies.

[Source: Timetable of Classes, 09/28/2022]

Introductory reading(s)

Selected book title(s)

Short story index

Trying to find where a short story might be? Try this index below. It can help you locate when and where a short story was published.

Selected title(s) of irish short stories

Other library resource(s)

Finding scholarly articles & journals for Irish short stories

You can find articles on Irish short stories in a variety of publications. You can start your search in a general index like Academic Search Complete or Web of Science or a subject index like MLA International Bibliography. You can also search in the box at the top of the page.

Citing and tracking your bibliographic references

Use this guide to help you learn how to correctly cite and keep track of the references you find for your research.