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Writing 2 - Gender and the Law

This guide contains resources to help writing students researching gender, law and Title IX.


In WRIT 2, students will investigate gender in scholarship and in the law. Students will engage in a focused legal analysis of anti-discrimination law. Students will interpret Title IX, analyze patterns in case law, and investigate historical gender discrimination at Dartmouth. Finally, students will predict how institutions and governments will apply gender discrimination policy in the future.

[Source: Syllabus, WRIT 2.4, 2021]

Introductory reading(s)

Selected title(s)

Government resources on Title IX

Finding popular & scholarly publications and articles

We have access to several journals that look at gender and the law. You can find all of them through Hein Online listed below. You can also search other more interdisciplinary articles indexes such a Academic Search Complete or Web of Science.