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LaTeX and BibTeX

Overleaf Pro+ Accounts

The Dartmouth College Library and the Research Information, Technology and Consulting department are offering Overleaf Pro+ accounts free of charge to all students, faculty, and staff who would like to use a collaborative, online LaTeX/Rich Text editor for their projects.

Overleaf premium accounts provide:

  • Online collaboration in LaTeX or Rich Text within one editing platform - easily switch between either mode.
  • Real-time collaboration in your browser for sharing and editing projects with authorized users. You can remove collaborators at any time.
  • Real-time preview of projects to view the PDF version of your document while editing and writing - type on the left and see your typeset document on the right.
  • Full history view of your projects – see all changes made for the entire life of the project, with the ability to revert to any past change.
  • Integrated, streamlined publishing - allows you to publish immediately and directly to the journal of your choice with an integrated submission system to dozens of publishing partners.
  • Improved Teaching Tools available on Overleaf v2 -
  • 20 GB of storage and 1,000 files per project with advanced access control for protected projects
  • Dartmouth resource portal available - including Dartmouth templates, FAQs, and resource links.

To claim a free Overleaf Pro+ account:

Introduction to Overleaf

Short Video Introduction to Overleaf

Interactive Online Introduction to LaTeX


Free online LaTeX course by John Lees-Miller, co-founder of Overleaf.

Part 1: The Basics

Part 2: Structured Documents & More

Part 3: Not Just Papers: Presentations & More