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WRIT 3: Composition and Research (Prof. Lannon)

Resources for starting your research

Winter Term - Key Reference Resources - Overviews for Getting Started

Winter Term - Dig Deeper - Discover Scholarly Books and Articles

  • To find books (films, journal & newspaper subscriptions, databases) within Dartmouth's collection, start with our library catalog.
  • Books can provide extensive information on topic, and its broader context, that a short article simply can't address.
  • Library catalog records are brief (publication info, along with our call number or link to our online provider.)  Keep your searches simple, as there's not much to match against.
  • Tracking down a specific book chapter or journal article?  Search our catalog by title for the book or journal that contains the chapter or article.

  • More searchable content means larger, less precise result sets
  • You are at the mercy of whatever wording the author used.  Be creative in search terminology variations
  • Improve precision with quotation marks, to force a phrase search.  ["Emily Dickinson" is very different than Emily Dickinson]
  • Too many results? Try limiting to the past five or ten years, and then trust those articles' bibliographies to point you to important earlier research.
  • Still too many results?  Try limiting your search to the document title field, or abstract field if available (check for advanced search options). This will eliminate some good results, but usually if the citation or abstract contains your search term, then the overall document is likely to be relevant.

These cover more than we own here at Dartmouth, but point you to scholarship in specific disciplines.