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Thayer Project Reports

Engineering Project Reports

The library has copies of many of the project reports required for the completion of classes in the Thayer School of Engineering. These reports go back to 1963, and can be primarily found in two places. Reports prior to 2018 are in print and are housed in an off site storage facility. These can be requested through the library catalog. Reports completed 2018 and  after can be found in the Dartmouth Digital Commons.

Searching for Reports in Library Catalog

Go to the Dartmouth Library homepage and select "Other Resources" in the search box at the top of the page.

Image of catalog


Then choose Advanced Search


On the Advanced Search page enter "Thayer School of Engineering" as Author/Creator and enter "Project Report" in Any Field


Click the search button to bring up a list of all the print reports in the library catalog.


You can also add a keyword to a search to bring up project reports relevant to a particular topic.

Project Reports in Dartmouth Digital Commons

Dartmouth Digital Commons contains project reports for the following courses.

Project Reports by Course

Electronic versions of reports are in Dartmouth Digital Commons.

Print versions are listed in the catalog and housed at the Dartmouth Library Depository. They can be requested through the catalog.

ENGS 21: Introduction to Engineering

ENGS 86 Independent Projects

ENGS 89/90 Engineering Design Methodology


ENGS 179 Strategy

ENGS 190/290

ENGS 197 PhD Professional Workshops

ENGS 291

ENGS 295

ENGG 390: Masters of Engineering Management Project

No Class Listed