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Systematic Review Workshop Series: Home

Details and workshop descriptions for the Biomedical Libraries' systematic review workshop series

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Elaina Vitale

About the systematic review workshop series

In this series, we'll set a foundation for your systematic review. We'll cover developing a strong research question, the importance of a protocol, building a comprehensive search, and guidance as you prepare to publish. We'll provide helpful tips and tricks along the way, and offer our librarian perspective for each step. Use this guide to find information about and the schedule for the series. Attend all sessions, or just the ones that interest you! Can't make it on these dates? We'll offer them again this year. 

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Workshop 1: So you want to do a systematic review 

In this workshop, we will introduce systematic reviews, and outline the different steps required to complete one. We will work on framing a research question and ensuring that no one has previously used a systematic review to answer that question.

Date: January 12, 12-1 

Workshop 2: Protocol 101

In this workshop, we will cover why a protocol is important for a systematic review as well as best practices when writing and registering a protocol. This workshop will also focus on the Cochrane and PRISMA guidelines. 

Date: January 19, 12-1

Workshop 3: Developing a comprehensive search (part 1)

In this workshop, we will dive into comprehensive literature searching for systematic reviews. You'll learn how to develop documentable, defensible, and reproducible searches. Attending part 2 and part 3 are not required, but attending all will enhance your searching proficiency. 

Date: January 26, 12-1

Workshop 4: Developing a comprehensive search (part 2)

Developing a comprehensive search means searching far and wide in various databases--not just one! In this workshop, we'll introduce new resources for systematic review searching and practice translating searches from one database to another. Attending part 1 and part 3 are not required, but attending all will enhance your search proficiency. 

Date: February 2, 12-1

Workshop 5: Developing a comprehensive search (part 3)

This workshop will address searching for grey literature, material other than peer reviewed journal articles such as reports, theses, conference proceedings, and policy documents. We'll address what grey literature is, deciding what types of grey literature are appropriate to search given different research questions, and general strategies about how to search it. 

Date: February 9, 12-1

Workshop 6: What happens next? Criteria, screening, and risk of bias. 

In this workshop, we will discuss and practice setting inclusion/exclusion criteria and put them to use in a practice title/abstract screen using Rayyan, a screening tool. In addition to Rayyan, we will elaborate on risk of bias and introduce the PRISMA flow diagram. 

Date: February 16, 12-1

More information about systematic reviews

Looking for more information about systematic reviews? Our research guide on systematic reviews provides detailed information on planning, search strategy development, record keeping, methodology write-up and more.