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Bloomberg: Getting Started

Learn how to access and use the Bloomberg Professional Service

What is it?

Bloomberg Professional provides real-time and historical financial market & economic data, with international coverage of all sectors. Use it to find company financials, stock market indices, news, analyst reports, and much more. 

Where are the Bloomberg Terminals?

The Bloomberg terminals are located in Feldberg Library.

Bloomberg Market Concepts and are available on the library terminals. 

Bloomberg ended remote access June 30, 2022.

Creating an Account on the Terminal

Use the login information at each terminal or create your own following these steps:

1.Select the Create New Login option below the username and password fields.

2. Follow the instructions to set up the account. 

Your work and mobile numbers can be the same. Use your Dartmouth email address in the Corporate Email Address Field.

3. Keep your cell phone nearby – You will need to enter a confirmation number and can choose to receive this by text message or phone call. Bloomberg will verify the account with a text message/phone call before it is fully activated.

You will need this login each and everytime you use a Bloomberg terminal. access

  1. Login into the Bloomberg terminal.
  2. Once the terminal is running, use the command ABBG <go> which will launch the website as an authenticated user.