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Business : Health Care

Research health care to find: finance, statistics, market research, policy, medical devices and pharma/biotech

Bloomberg Guide

Industry Data

Biotech & Pharma  
Large Pharma BI PHRM<GO>
Biotech BI BIOT<GO>
Specialty-Generic Pharma BI GNRP<GO>
Disease Groups BI CURE<GO>
Medical Equip/Devices  
Life Science Equipment BI LSDG<GO>
Medical Equipment & Devices BI MDEV<GO>
Healthcare Facilities/Services  
Hospitals BI HOSP<GO>
Healthcare Supply Chain BI HCSC<GO>
Managed Care BI HMOI<GO>


World Pharmaceuticals Index    BWPHRM<Index>
U.S. Health Product Index BUSHCPR<Index>
U.S. Pharmaceuticals Index  BUSPHRM<Index>
E.U. Pharmaceuticals Index BEUPHRM<Index>
S&P 500 Healthcare Index S5HLTH<Index>
NYSE Healthcare Index NYP<Index>
NASDAQ Biotech Index NBI<Index>


Biotechnology NI BTC<GO>
Clinical Trials NI CLNTRIAL<GO>
Clinical Trial Failures NI CLNTRLNON<GO>
Drug Approvals NI DRGAPP<GO>
Drug Litigation Settlements NI DRGSETTLE<GO>
Drug News NI DRG<GO>
Drug Patent Expirations NI DRGEXP<GO>
General Health NI GENHEA<GO>
Health Care Policy NI HCP<GO>
Health Insurance NI HEAINS<GO>
HMO's, PPO's, Managed Care NI HMO<GO>
Hospitals, Clinics NI HOS<GO>
Medical Devices & Technology NI MTC<GO>
Medical Journals NI HEAJRNL<GO>