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SART 17.08 - Digital Drawing

Copyright & Visual Literacy

Art & Copyright: Questions & Cases

After reviewing the Image Copyright information & some famous infringement cases, how do you interpret Supreme Court Justice Potter Stuart's famous pronouncement "I know it when I see it,"[1964]  in relation to copyright law and fair use? He also said "Fairness is what justice is."

Is it possible to trademark or license something like a color?

How do look at the idea of appropriation in art, particularly in photographs and collage, but in any media? Possible artists to look at include the Chapman brothers, Marcel Duchamp & Ai Weiwei.

Are corporations and or artists responsible for appropriating other cultures in designs, such as: Urban Outfitters & the Navaho Nation, Dior's campaign for their Sauvage cologne, featuring Native American imagery? What about simply screen printing an ikat design on a t shirt?

How is the JSTOR Image Search different than Google Image Searching?