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Research Data Management

Background and links to more information about data management issues.

Downloading Workshop Materials

Our materials live here:


This link will take you to a page that looks like this:

Navigating the Repository

To facilitate browsing the growing collection of materials, we have grouped our workshops into the following categories:

  • Computational Tools
    • Presents a range of general techniques and tools for your computational tool belt! You will find introductory and advanced materials surrounding programming in Python and R
  • Data Science
    • Contains workshops focused on beginner and advanced topics in Data Science, e.g., statistics or data wrangling
  • Machine Learning
    • Introductions to specific machine learning frameworks, like PyTorch or scikit-learn, as well as on general machine learning techniques like classification and regression have a home here.
  • Text Analysis
    • Ranging from tried-and-true techniques like topic modeling or sentiment analysis, to recent trends like Large Language Models, we heavily support your journey into Text Analysis and Natural Language Processing here.

Downloading Materials for a Workshop

Once you have made your way to a particular workshop, you can download the materials as a compressed archive by clicking on the download button in the top right area:

Downloading Materials for a Workshop Series

Some of our workshops are series that group together other individual workshop sessions. In that case, you will see links like the ones in the following screenshot:

Notice the "@" symbol and the character jibberish? These are links to separate workshops.

If you see such links, you have to click on them to get to the linked workshop and download the materials there. If you try to download the whole series at once, you will only find empty folders in the archive where the materials should be.