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Music in Paddock is organized using the Library of Congress Call Number System, which divides music into three classes: M for printed music and recordings, ML for music literature, and MT for music theory.  Some music-related materials fall into other LC classes, including the following:

  • BV = hymns
  • GV = dance music
  • KF = music business, music law
  • ND = art and music
  • PN = film music
  • PR = songs, ballads
  • TK = recording technology and techniques*

Some of our more prominent sections are listed below, next to their call numbers to aid in browsing the stacks.


Where are the books?

Nearly all of the books about music are located in the Paddock Music Library in the basement of the Hopkins Center. There are also some fragile and books in offsite storage. 

Using Primo to Find Books

Primo is the library's online search system. It is located at The easiest way to find books in the music library is to search by format, limiting the location to Paddock. To do this, first click 'ADVANCED SEARCH.'

Next, use the dropdown menu for 'Material Type' to select 'Books.'

Now you can search by title, author, subject, etc. using the search bar following the dropdown menu called 'Any field.' You can refine your search by adding more lines of text. It is not recommended to use more than two or three lines when you are browsing. After you enter your text into these boxes, hit 'SEARCH.'

After hitting 'SEARCH,' scroll down and use the 'Libraries' tab on the left side of the page to refine your results to include only books in the Paddock Music Library.

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