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Music in Paddock is organized using the Library of Congress Call Number System, which divides music into three classes: M for printed music and recordings, ML for music literature, and MT for music theory.  Some music-related materials fall into other LC classes, including the following:

  • BV = hymns
  • GV = dance music
  • KF = music business, music law
  • ND = art and music
  • PN = film music
  • PR = songs, ballads
  • TK = recording technology and techniques*

Some of our more prominent sections are listed below, next to their call numbers to aid in browsing the stacks.


Where are the books?

Most music books are housed in the Paddock Music Library, in the basement of the Hopkins Center.  Some books are stored in our off-site storage facility, the Dartmouth Library Depository (DLD).  The location of a book is listed in the catalog.  If you would like to check out a book from the DLD, use the "Request Item" button next the item in the Library Catalog.

What if the book I want is already checked out or missing?

If the book you need has a due date next to it in the online catalog, the book is already checked out.  If you don't need the book right away, you can recall it at the service desk. This will send a message to the person who currently has the book, asking them to return it. However, each patron has a right to keep materials for two weeks before returning it due to recall.

You may also request the book through BorrowDirect. If none of our partner institutions has the book, you can request it through DartDoc



This video will show you how to find books on your topic quickly using the Library Catalog.

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