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This research guide will show you some sources and strategies for finding music materials at Dartmouth College on your own. 

This guide is organized by music format.  Each unique set of materials may be found using a different set of specialized tools.  On each page you will find a variety of content including descriptions of major resources and their applications for music research, brief written instructions for finding a given collection of items, and short video tutorials for using the library's web discovery tools.

The best way to get personalized help finding resources for your project is to set up an appointment with me in the Paddock Music Library, located downstairs in the Hopkins Center. Whether you’re looking for scholarly articles for your obscure paper topic, a recording for a listening journal in a music theory class, or a score to perform or study, my colleagues and I in the music library can show you how to find what you need.

Happy musicking!

Memory Apata

Music and Performing Arts Librarian