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What's on Display: Physics & Astronomy Bulletin Board

See current and previous displays on the Library News Bulletin Board in the Physics & Astronomy Department


This month's display highlights our Cambridge University Press EBA. Find links to the display's contents below!

Bulletin board that says library news and contains images of 8 different book titles and an announcement that these are new ebooks through Cambridge University Press.

Display Contents

Copy of Informational Email about Display

Hi P&A faculty!

You may have noticed yesterday that there is a new display on the bulletin board between Meg and Tressy's office and the lounge. This month, I highlighted our Cambridge University Press e-books since we have an EBA with them this fiscal year that gives us access to all of their current and archival e-books (48,000+ titles) until June 2024. 

Evidence-Based Acquisition (EBA) is a purchasing model where the library pays a sum of money to get access to a publisher's entire collection for the year. At the end of the year, we get to choose which ebooks to purchase for our collection using the sum of money that we fronted at the beginning of the year. In doing this, we can see what patrons clicked on and read over the course of the year to help us inform our decisions. 

Spotlighted on the display are some physics and astronomy titles published in 2023 that are part of this package, and the QR code will take you to the Cambridge Core Physics & Astronomy collection so that you can browse further. I've filtered the search so that you'll see books published in the last year that we have access to. Feel free to refine the search based on your interests! 

If you'd like to provide some feedback or suggestions for future displays, I'd love to hear your thoughts! I plan to create one display per month. Last month's display highlighted our Popular Science collection.