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ArcGIS Online: The Basics of GIS

Information and access to ArcGIS Online at Dartmouth College.

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Introductions to GIS

A Dictionary of Geography defines a Geographic Information System (GIS) as an integrated, spatial, data-handling programmes which will collect, store, and retrieve spatial data from the real world. They are powerful tools in decision-making, as they can incorporate coordinated data. GIS only contain selected data—the properties which investigators have considered relevant—so that many variables will not be fed into the systems. Miller ( 2007 Geog. Compass 1, 3) calls for a people-based GIS, built on classic time geography, calculating entities and relationships between transport networks, at high resolution and in virtual space. See C. P. Lo and A. Yeung ( 2007 ) on GIS and spatial problem-solving.

"Geographic information systems." A Dictionary of Geography. Susan Mayhew. Oxford University Press 2009 Oxford Reference Online. Oxford University Press.  Dartmouth College.  2 December 2011  <>


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