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ANTH 17 : Anthropology of Health & Illness

Winter 2023 - Prof. Ellen Kozelka Tools for discovering scholarly research and design tips for academic poster assignment

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Article's Abstract

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This Open Forum aims to stimulate productive dialogue about cultural competence in providing mental health care. The authors examine recent calls for culturally competent care in mental health practice and give a brief overview of the context in which demands for such care have arisen. Using select examples from anthropology, the authors provide evidence of the importance of culture in the production, presentation, and experience of psychic distress. Acknowledging the value of culturally appropriate care, the authors synthesize anthropological critiques of cultural competence models. The essay concludes with suggestions for future directions in cultural competence research and implementation.

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Article Section Headings

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  • [Abstract]
  • A brief note about culture, race, and ethnicity
  • Cultural competence: an overview
  • Why culturally appropriate care is important
  • Misunderstanding culture: critiques of cultural competence models
  • Future directions for cultural competence
  • Conclusions
  • Acknowledgments and disclosures
  • References