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The LINK - Learning, Innovation, New Knowledge

Dartmouth Libraries Teaching and Research Collaboration Suite in Berry 180


The LINK Classroom is the Library's primary teaching space. You will find librarians working with faculty to introduce students to research strategies and information resources beginning with foundational skills in the first two years leading to the discipline-based research strategies for each major in years 3 and 4, through the undergraduate culminating experience. 

Library staff also work with departments, programs, advanced researchers, or research groups to create a course or workshop to meet any informational and data needs.

Publicly available courses and workshops on specific topics throughout the year will facilitate teaching, learning, and research with digital materials and data- and computationally-intensive methodologies empowering students, faculty, and researchers with crucial skills to navigate and analyze today's data-rich landscape.

Whether you're diving deep into your major's research or exploring the realms of open and reproducible scholarship, The LINK provides a vibrant and conducive learning environment.