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ArcGIS & Associated Esri products

This guide helps users find information about any ArcGIS product Dartmouth has access to. This information may be found in other guides, but this one should have everything.

What is ArcGIS Explorer Online?

The Help section of ArcGIS Explorer Online describes the site like this: "ArcGIS Explorer Online is an online application that lets you explore and present maps within an efficient and well-structured environment." This site is different from in that ESRI considers a lighter version of ArcGIS Explorer Online. Also, ArcGIS Explorer Online requires the Microsoft plug-in Silverlight.

Note: Free ArcGIS Online accounts do not work with Explorer. It seems that Explorer only works with Enterprise or Corporate accounts.

Introduction to ArcGIS Explorer Online

This Introduction is almost an hour long. However, by the end of it, you should be able to navigate ArcGIS Explorer Online successfully.