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ArcGIS & Associated Esri products

This guide helps users find information about any ArcGIS product Dartmouth has access to. This information may be found in other guides, but this one should have everything.


ArcGIS Pro is the new 64 bit version of ArcGIS. You can take advantage of the enhanced processing and edit in 2D and 3D. For more information about the Pro edition, click here. As more resources for ArcGIS Pro become available, they will be added to this page. As of now, this page highlights resources for ArcGIS Pro within the Dartmouth College Library.

ArcGIS Pro is very different from ArcGIS for Desktop. If you have been using the Desktop version, I recommend you stay with that version.

ArcMap Sunsetting in 2026

ArcMap, the popular geographic information systems (GIS) software, will be replaced by ArcGIS Pro through a phased upgrade plan over the next few years.  Both Dartmouth College Library and Research Computing - ITC are happy to help you transition your GIS workflows for research and teaching.  

ESRI, the company that makes both ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro also have resources available to guide us all through this process.  Here are a few helpful links:

Introductory GIS | Modern GIS Curriculum & Lectures in Higher Education

Thousands of cities, agencies, nonprofits, and businesses depend on Web GIS. Moving the locus of GIS from the desktop to the web makes it mobile, automated, responsive, interconnected, cloud based, and configurable—these themes are an integral part of a modern GIS curriculum.

Teaching (and research using) GIS - Shifting to Modern GIS

Instead, the GIS analysts for the city engaged with the public, crowdsourced data, and built interactive web applications. The team worked with a group of volunteers that drove through the city and recorded temperatures to allow users to view heat islands, canopy, and demographics in one public map.

Transitioning from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro

You can watch this taped seminar showing features in ArcGIS Pro and explaining how you can transition your work to the Pro version.

Basic Instruction Manuals

Looking to get started with ArcGIS Pro? I can recommend either of the books listed below.

ArcGIS Pro Webinar from Esri