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Text Analysis

Dartmouth College Library's guide to text analysis tools and platforms

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Dartmouth College Library offers text analysis platforms, training, and support for your research and teaching needs.  We currently provide access to two text analysis platforms, Constellate and ProQuest TDM Studio.  We also offer individual or group training and support.  Please contact the Research Data Help team: to get started.

Upcoming Workshops

Research Data Services and the Reproducible Research Group (ITC x Library) offer a variety of workshops on text analysis and other computational research platforms and practices during the term.   Please check our events calendar for upcoming scheduled sessions:

Previous Workshops

Text Analysis with Python (Spring 2023) - as part of Introduction to Python series

Introduction to Text Analysis with Python Series (Winter 2023)

  1. Introduction / Working with Strings and Files
  2. Word Counts / Words Count
  3. TFIDF - Comparing Texts using Text Frequency - Inverse Document Frequency
  4. Topics and Emotions: Topic Modeling and Sentiment Analysis
  5. Text Classification
  6. XML / Next Steps

Introduction to Text Analysis with ProQuest TDM Studio and Constellate, part 1
September 7, 2021

Presentation Slides: Intro to text analysis_part 1
Recording: Part 1

Text analysis platforms provide researchers with the ability to search, manipulate, and explore knowledge in the scholarly record at a large scale to uncover important information and gain new insights.  Text analysis can enable us to answer questions on how texts are interconnected, what sentiments they contain, and when significant terms change within a collection of unstructured texts.

In this session, we will provide an overview of text analysis and introduce the two text analysis platforms provided by the library, ProQuest TDM Studio and Constellate,  By the end of the session, you will be able to differentiate teaching and research use cases between each, understand the content available, and know where to get started with a text analysis project.

In the second session, we will take a deeper dive into the platforms, by exploring pre-populated computational notebooks, completing a sample analysis, and discussing potential uses and further training opportunities. Register for part 2 here:

Learn more:

ProQuest TDM Studio:


Introduction to Text Analysis, part 2
September 21, 2021
Recording: Part 2

Text analysis is a powerful technique in all disciplines, from the humanities to business.  In this session we will take a deeper dive into ProQuest TDM Studio and Constellate to learn more how to use these tools for teaching and reseach.  By the end of the session, you will be able to create a sample dataset, walk through a simple analysis, and explain possible use cases for teaching and research.