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Art History & Studio Art

Start your research with resources recommended by the Visual Arts Librarian. Find the key databases and reference works in art & architecture, as well as sources for finding images. Special topics include color theory and artists books

AI Image Examples

AI Art Prompts and Creation


Because AI Art is generated with text prompts, the words you use are key to creating the image you envision.  Using very specific descriptions can help you achieve more precise results.


  • Description of main subject
  • Description of background
  • Style or mood of the image

Try using evocative words or unusual words to achieve unique images

  • Anime in Monet's Pastel Garden
  • Pointillism Aboriginal Art Cat
  • Beautiful Fairy Opalescent Background
  • Beautiful Medieval Library, book on a table with a single candle, autumn colors

Experiment with editing tools to add or remove imagery and customize your image

AI Art -Copyright - Licensing

The images above are involved with a lawsuit Getty Images is pursuing against Stability AI.  AI generated art is still very new but there are already suits pending on copyright violations made by AI generated art including a class action lawsuit brought be artists, as well as suits to be able to copyright or patent AI generated content.  At this time the most recent ruling on AI generated content has deemed it is not copyrightable, because copyright hinges on the creative output, intellect and consciousness of individual people. AI generated content is not considered to be created by a person and so is not copyrightable.

AI Art Generators

The list below includes suggestions for AI Art Generators.  Some accommodate free trials or a set number of free images that can be generated monthly.  Most require a subscription and a login to be able to generate, edit and download images. The number of AI art generators are constantly evolving and changing and you may find others through an internet search.