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Computer Science

Resources for starting your research in computer science.

Trial Resources

Dartmouth Libraries is now providing a trial of two products from Faulkner's Information Services, a respected provider of IT and communications information services for some 40 years.

FACCTs - Faulkner's Advisory on Computer and Communications Technologies

Continually updated and fully searchable, FACCTs contains more than 1250 reports that are clearly written, consistent in format, timely and relevant. FACCTs reports examine the critical issues, trends, market conditions, products, services, and vendors driving the IT and communications industries.

FACCTs reports provide expert coverage in these14 key areas: IT asset management, wireless communications, application development, electronic commerce, enterprise data networking, business intelligence, converging communications, e-government, mobile business, broadband, information security, telecom & global network services, internet strategies, and web site management. Each of these areas are complimented by a comprehensive database of expert reports including technology tutorials, marketplace overviews, implementation, comparison, and selection guides, product face-off previews, and corporation timelines. Plus hundreds of company, product, and service profiles. Directories and glossaries, too.

Access FACCTs Here

Faulkner Security Management Practices

A dozen new reports every month covering topics like deploying network security appliances, using biometric technologies for network and physical security, managing organizational risk, planning for disruptions, securing the enterprise network and so much more.

SMP also includes access to all archived reports and a weekly digest to keep you on top of security industry-related news.

Access SMP Here

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