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Cartography/History of Cartography

This research guide will help you find books, print journals and other resources about Cartography. Cartography studies the history of maps and mapmaking and interpretation of maps.

In the Library's collections

Useful subject headings for searching the online catalog are listed below. Don't forget to look at the list of related subject headings too.

Call number ranges

If you want to physically browse the shelves, these are some of the call number ranges for Cartography. Most of these books are located on Berry Level 4.

Call number ranges What's there
GA 101 Periodicals/journals/magazines
GA 110 - 115 Projection
GA 139.5 Multimedia cartography
GA 151 Map reading
GA 197.5 - 198 Cartographers
GA 300 - 325 World maps, general atlases, etc
    GA 351 - 357 Polar regions
    GA 405 - 450 United States
    GA 471 - 1776 Other regions/countries

Selected book title(s)

Keeping up with Cartography/GIS journal literature

Want an easy way to keep up with the journal literature for Cartography or GIS? And do you use a mobile device? You can install the BrowZine app and create a custom Bookshelf of your favorite journal titles. Then you will get the Table of Contents (ToCs) of your favorite journals automatically delivered to you when they become available. Once you have the ToC's, you can download and read the articles you want from the journals for which we have subscriptions.

You can get the app from the App Store or Google Play.

Don't own or use a mobile device? You can still use BrowZine! It's also available in a web version. You can get to it here. The web version works the same way as the app version. Find the journals you like, create a custom Bookshelf, get ToCs and read the articles you want.