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Statistics & Data Sets for Health Care and Public Health

Data vs Statistics


  • "Raw" numbers
  • Counts of individual events or services
  • Collected at local, state, national or international level

Data set:

  • Data collected and arranged logically according to previously defined criteria
  • Major unit of data storage and retrieval
  • May or may not represent the entire population 


  • Data already analyzed/summarized
  • Often presented as text, figures, graphs or maps

Additional Statistical Terms:

Secondary Data Analysis

Once you've found your datasets, consult this introductory guide to get started with your secondary analysis.

National Library of Medicine Health Statistics course

Interested in learning more about how to find and use health statistics? The National Library of Medicine provides a free comprehensive online course.

Getting help with Statistics: Dartmouth Campus

Looking for help with statistical software and analysis on the Dartmouth Campus?

Email Jianjun Hua: