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Research nonprofit information to find: organization/association profiles, statistics, 990s, news, trends


What are Nonprofit Organizations?
According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics nonprofits are formal organizations in the United States that qualify for tax-exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code because they are organized for the specific purposes stated in the Code.

Although there are legal distinctions among nonprofit organizations and different reporting requirements, all are exempt from paying federal income taxes. About half of nonprofits - called charitable organizations - are exempt under Section 501(c)(3). This status permits donations to charities to be tax-deductible to the donor.


Finding Companies & People

Non-Profit Search Examples:
Find nonprofits in California that deal with energy initiatives and have incomes up to $500K
  • State = California
  • NTEE Code = C35 (Energy Resources Conservation and Development)
  • Income = 100K-500K
Find nonprofits in the Seattle, WA area with interest in the environment or energy:
  • Zipcode = 98101 and 50 mile radius
  • Keyword = environment* energ*

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