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Physics: Find Books

A guide to the key resources for the academic study of physics, including reference works, journal indexes, and more.

Stacks Guide to the Physics Collection

The physics collection is located in Kresge Library, 3rd floor Fairchild Hall. Current issues of journals are in the Kresge current journals reading area, near the reference section. Bound volumes of journals are shelved alphabetically by title in the Kresge stacks (on your left as you enter the stacks).

Books in physics are shelved by Library of Congress call number in the Kresge stacks. Physics books are classed in the QC's.

QC 1-999 Physics
QC 1-75 General
QC 81-114 Weights and measures
QC 120-168.85
Descriptive and experimental mechanics
QC 170-197
Atomic physics (including relativity, quantum theory)
QC 221-246
Acoutstics (sound)
QC 251-338.5
Heat (including thermodynamics)
QC 350-467
Optics (light)
QC 474-496.9 Radiation physics (General)
QC 501-766 Electricity and magnetism
QC 770-798 Nuclear and particle physics
QC 801-809 Geophysics (Cosmic physics)
QC 811-849 Geomagnetism
QC 851-999 Meteorology (including the earth's atmosphere)

For (slightly) more detailed information, view the interactive Library of Congress Classification Outline, provided by the Library of Congress.